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SUBOXONE works bydecreasing withdrawal symptoms, reducing cravings and affecting other receptors in the brain to reduce the likelihood of abusing additional opiates. Start today for as low as $200/mo!
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Suboxone Therapy in Piedmont, SC

Dana L Wiley, MD PA pairs you with a psychiatrist who dedicated to fighting mental health stigmas. We provide you with respect and understanding you'll need to feel mentally healthy once more. Dr. Dana L Wiley, MD PA, is a clinical psychiatrist specializing in general adult psychiatry. He's committed to treating all mental illnesses. He also works with a team of other psychologists who can aid your treatment. They can provide marital therapy, grief counseling, and more. Each member of our team, including Dr. Dana, has vast clinical experience. Call us today to feel mentally well!


We also now offer SUBOXONE/SUBUTEX therapy for opiate dependence treatment. 

Opiates, commonly referred to as narcotics, are medications used to treat pain. It is unfortunate that some people abuse and become dependent on these opiates, including illicit forms like heroin. Abuse is the deliberate use of medicine beyond a doctor's prescription.

SUBOXONE Therapy decreases the withdrawal symptoms of opiates. It works by reducing brain and other receptor cravings. We prescribe this therapy whenever clinically indicated. Physicians can prescribe this therapy so that patients can take it home.

If you know someone struggling from opiate dependency, SUBOXONE Therapy can help. Drug overdoses from prescription pain relievers and heroin are the leading causes of accidental death in the United States.

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To start your journey to better health, let us help you! We aid a limitless range of mental health services because you deserve to be okay! From ADHD and disability evaluations to the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, our team can help you thrive. People with moderate eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia come to us as well. 

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Our therapy office at 102 Commons Blvd in Piedmont, SC, is always looking to help you thrive mentally. Call us at (864) 220-9115 for help. If we are out of the office, you may also leave a message with the form down below.

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